About Us

Our Company

milestone-venture-group-001Milestone is a private equity group focusing on the acquisition of small- to middle-market private companies. We also take on select “buy-side” and “sell-side” engagements of private companies. Our staff includes executives with over 40 years of collective experience in private equity investing, buy/sale transactions and the fields of finance, accounting, taxation, operations, management and law. Our team members have a history of success, solid backgrounds and the knowledge and experience to evaluate all aspects of companies and assist in developing plans to grow and prosper.

Private Equity

We want to review your private equity opportunity, and perhaps make a significant investment, if:

  • you are in one of our targeted industries;
  • your core management team is energetic, knowledgeable and determined;
  • the industry segment in which your company is operating is large, fragmented and not dominated by one company holding proprietary technology or other rights;
  • your team has outperformed same-size competitors; and
  • you require additional capital and management expertise to accelerate your growth.

Milestone is interested in viable opportunities, not mere ideas or distressed situations; and our investment efforts are primarily focused within the Southwest United States, and predominantly in Texas. However, we will evaluate viable opportunities in other areas of the country that are reasonably accessible.

Buy Side / Sell Side Transactions

We take on a limited number of “buy-side” and “sell-side” engagements of private companies. We represent sellers of private companies who are looking to maximize their valuation and sales proceeds from the divestiture of their business enterprise. We also represent buyers of private companies who are looking to expand their current business enterprise by making a complimentary acquisition or former owners of companies who are looking to get back into business by acquiring an ongoing enterprise.